Monday, May 10, 2010

Learning from the Master!

At the start of May 2010, some of our members did a 2-day workshop with Mestre Jonas from Rio de Janeiro.  Jonas is a highly respected samba master who has led Mocidade and Cubango's baterias.

Our friend Simeon from MaSamba arranged the workshop.

Jonas focussed on improving our technique on key instruments and showed us patterns from some of Rio's top samba school as well as teaching us new grooves and some wicked breaks!

We were honoured to spend time in the presence of this great teacher and gave him one of our Morro 16 T-shirts as a souvenir of his visit.  We're looking forward to meeting him again some day in Rio.

As if two full days of samba wasn't enough, we headed to the Bernard Shaw on the Sunday evening to crack out a few pagode tunes.  What a thrill to have Jonas join in.